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Alaska Oil Field Drilling and Jobs In Alaska, there are many current oil field developments that are being added to the existing number of fields in Alaska. While these fields already provide employment for a large number of oil workers, a new development is being proposed by US president George W Bush. He believes that there are several important reasons for America to become more involved with drilling in Alaska for oil.

It is believed that added fields in Alaska would help secure energy sources for the US, as well as boost the national economy. An added economic advantage is that less oil would need to be imported from the likes of the Middle East, which would improve the balance of payments deficit. The development in question could bring a vast number of new jobs in the area. The new development would host 50 oil fields over an area of 2000 acres. Piping and infrastructure would need to be built to provide roading and a sufficient means of piping the oil. In Washington, this proposition is being very much debated and fought by political members because the drilling is to take place in a ARWR or Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and has encountered many objections from environmental groups that are against the oil export ban repeal. There is currently $8 billion dollars a year that is being generated by oil fields in other parts of the Alaska. The Alaskan economy relies heavily on the drilling for oil - an activity that has occurred there for the past 30 years.

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