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Writing your CV When writing your resume it is important that your CV will be independent from the rest of the CV's and stand out, then you will have a great advantage over other applicants in successfully obtaining a job onboard an oil rig. Some ideas include a color picture or colored, well-presented paper.

Ensure that your resume is brief and includes all information that is relevant to the job such as training, experience and skills. The CV should include a brief description of your hobbies, interests and references from previous work. It is ideal to create the best impression for potential employers, so be sure your resume is spellchecked and all sentences are coherent.

If you are sending the CV yourself then be sure to add a cover letter that will clearly and briefly suggest why you want the job and what you can offer them as an employee. The following is an example of how a cover letter could read.   Potential Employer's Address Your Phone Number and Address Date Dear Sir / Madam (or prospective employers name if known) I wish to request a career within the Oil Industry now that I have finished regular training in the (the name of the course and/ or training association here). Ideally I would like to start work within my trade as an (the trade name here), otherwise I would be eager to begin work in an entry level position. Therefore I am seeking a position as a Roustabout. Please find my CV enclosed. Yours faithfully, Your name   Once you have gathered all the information required you are then ready to send your CV out. Make sure you have included photocopies of medical certificates or survival certificates you may have gained. A4 envelopes are best for your CV, as they will not ruin your CV with creases. There are many services available that can assist in CV preparation and sending your resume out to prospective employers.

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