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Drill Production for Offshore Oil Rigs When a new oil field is being examined before it is to go on steam, engineers and geophysicists gather information on the value and size of the oil field. If the oil field is up to standards then drilling can begin. This starts with drilling the production wells horizontally.

Traditionally wells were drilled vertically. However these days due to greater efficiencies in extraction methods, wells are drilled horizontally in order to access more of the hydrocarbons that are stored within the well. If the well does not produce the required hydrocarbons a new well is then drilled and the other is left deserted. If the well is proven to be valuable then the extracting process can begin and new jobs are created to begin work. Obtaining oil from the sea is far more expensive than land due to the cost and setup of oil rig platforms that are set on stands and stand on the waterbed. For very deep oil fields a floating oil rig platform is used. These are held in place with long chains and these fields are capable of drilling 10,000 feet down using this method.

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