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Offshore Oil Rig Equipment An accommodation module is the eating and sleeping quarters for employees; it also includes offices and a meeting room. Each accommodation module contains a TSR or Temporary Safe Refuge that are used in emergency situations.

Each oil rig may have a crane that is used to move materials around the oil field. They are usually used to move heavy items from the support vessels to the oil rig platform.

Derricks are used on an oil rig to drill the wells and can be mounted on supporting skids. The flame boom is on the side of an oil or gas rig and is faced away from the platform. This is used to flare gas that is used during bad conditions.

The drilling mud module is a place on the platform that is used to mix chemicals, make clay and mix water. These mixes are used to cool the drill bit by being pumped down the drill pipe and works by washing away the cuttings of the drill.

A process module on an oil rig is an area of the platform that keeps water and gas away from the oil. The water can then be treated and then expelled safely into the sea.

To keep the crew and employers safe while working on an oil rig a lifeboat system is in place. When released these will drop down to the sea and can be taken to land or an alternate safe place. There are usually more lifeboats available for use than required by number of people on board the rig.

Oil rigs working in colder seas feature Ice wall teeth that are used to reduce risk of passing icebergs to the rig. An ice wall can be found below the platform and this helps reduce the impact of iceberg hits and minimize shock over the entire oil rig platform structure.

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