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History of the Offshore Oil Industry Over five thousand years ago in the Middle East, oil that had come up through the ground was being used in medication, lighting, paints and for waterproofing boats. Lighting in many homes was made possible by whale oil until the whale numbers dropped and increased the price of this oil.

The demand for oil increased and many companies began looking for ways to find other sources or an alternative to oil. Coal oil was then found and used until a process for drilling for crude oil was developed. At first land oil wells were drilled then with the increased demand people began to look to drilling beneath the sea for this black gold. The Gulf of Mexico opened the first oil well in the open sea. In 1959, a land gas field was found in the Netherlands. Then geologists discovered that there was gas under the North Sea basin in the UK.

Over the years the oil industry has further developed and has expanded oil fields into deeper water and further away from land. Safety has become a serious issue that has improved over the years and now enables all employees to be safe and well prepared in case of disaster with full training provided by employers.

Crude oil or Petroleum is created by the formation of animal and plant remains that become buried deep into the seabed as the year's progress. The material will then decompose into petroleum and seep into the layers in the rocks. As the tectonic plates of the earth move the oil is then gathered into pools then drained through oil wells.

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