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Offshore Oil Rig Roughneck Drill Crew Job Position and Employment Drill Crew Jobs Home Driller Assistant Driller Derrickman Pumpman Roughneck

The following features a brief outline of the duties of the following drill crew jobs on an offshore oil rig.

Roughneck: This person generally works on the rig floor and has an average starting salary of US $55,000 or £28,000 a year. Responsible for the machines and equipment that is used for the drilling operation. Usually works in a group of three Roughnecks. Can also be required to work as laborer's on the rig floor. One of the pieces of equipment a roughneck uses is tongs that is a big device that can tighten or loosen the drill pipe when needed. The supervisor of the roughneck is generally the Chief Driller. This job is great for people with experience in welding and mechanics. Though physically demanding this job is rewarding with a starting salary of US $43,000 to $47,000 a year. A roughneck is entitled to the benefits of medical insurance, free meals, board and room and airfares for by the employer.

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