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The following are some recent unsolicited testimonials we have received from our customers:

Case study

Kalvin came to us in June to see how we could help him start a career in the oil industry. He had background in mechanical engineering and was working as a maintenance engineer when he took up the service. He had no previous experience in the oil industry and was seeking our help and advice to give him the confidence he needed to start applying for jobs.

That October, he was successful in securing a role in a well-known company within the industry. Here's what he had to say about our service and his new position:

"My first role within the company will be as Roughneck for 3 months, following this I will be working as Mechanical Technician on board various Drillships, Jackup Rigs and fixed installation Rigs.

I have wanted to work in the oil industry for many years but I have never found the sound advice required to help me gain entry until now. I've always wanted to work offshore for the fast paced work, job satisfaction, and also I must be honest to admit the money and time off is great.

The CV check service was very useful to me, once I followed your instructions I started to receive immediate responses from various companies and agencies that you also recommended.

It was your services that helped me create the all important CV required to get noticed by employers in such a busy market,and also if it wasn't for your services I would not be employed today, as I'm employed with a world leader in offshore drilling by a company you advised me to apply with.

Many Thanks


"Thank you so much Kayla you've been so helpful and I really appreciate it! And yes, all of this info is very helpful to me :)"
Gerardo, United States, 9th June

"Thank you for the information you have sent me. I got a better understanding the position within the oil industry. Reading this information got me to understand and helped me choose a position that I like and can best suit me. "
Sibit, United States, 23rd February

"Thank you so much, this packet was very helpful and I appreciate it!"
Jesse, United States, 2nd February

"I have carefully read the PDF file you provided. First of all, thank you very much for a lot of useful information contained in this document. It definitely gave me better insight in oil industry, and helped me build a better picture about where I can see myself in it. After reading this PDF, I am even more convinced that I want to find job on oil rig as soon as possible."
Aleksandar, United States, 11th July

"Hello Leigh, I have just been going over the information about oil rigs that was sent out to me and I must say that it is incredibly informative. I must point out that this information has given me a brand new out look on the oil field industry."
Anthony, United States, 24th October

"Thank you for the information. It has opened my eyes to potential jobs in the oil industry which i had no knowledge of. "
Trevor, United Kingdom, 15th October

"Hi Tanique, This is awesome! Thank you so much for the additional assistance! I'll let you know how it goes, take care."
Samuel, United States, 25th June

"Good Morning Ms. Tanique, Thank you for organizing the information booklet for me, there is a lot in there that I can use. Have a great day. Have Fun Always, -Zackary."
Zackary, United States, 28th May

"Good Day Ms. Tanique, First of all I would like to thank you for your effort of putting all information together for me, it was eyeopening and very helpful to make right decision. Thank you"
Sinisa, United States, 19th May

"Hi Taniqua, Thank you for the information as well as the look over the attached to guide me into this industry at a fit both can enjoy!"
Samuel, United States, 21st April

"Hi Sir Dani, i just want to say thank you for your advise and guidance in this career of HSE oil and gas industry. Now the good news are that I got a job in Dubai, and i have almost completed the processing with Ministry of Interior of getting the required papers. The company is hiring me as an expatriate from Kenya as an HSE OFFICER of which i have signed a contract with them of 3 years- Renewable.Thank you for your support, advise and guidance on enabling me work in this oil and gas industry in such a great position. God bless you as you help more people that come for your help."
Patrick, Kenya, 2nd February

"Thank you so much for all your help so far. You have been so helpful to me, again thank you."
Lauren, United States, 8th September

"I want to thank you for all the information it's a lot to take in but it's great information"
Larry, United States, 14th December

" I want to thank you for the very valuable information that you have provided. It has provided me with a lot of fantastic knowledge."
Jonathan, United States, 13th December

"I’ve read every details of the pdf file you send me and it had been a great insight to the oil industry for someone like me, who has little knowledge of it."
Syamsul Amri, United States, 20th November

"the packet you sent to me was very informative and helpful. It really highlighted the industry very well to include a variety of opportunities that is in the oil and gas sectors"
Steven, United States, 8th October

"I am veryt thankful for all the information it is very helpful and very motivating!!"
Krzysztof, United States, 21st August

"I must give my thanks to you all for the packet profile given to me. I did not expect the depth of information that I received from your services."
Brandon, United States, 28th February

"After researching the oil industry the past 2 years, I have learned more about it in the past 30 minutes with the information you just sent me, thank you so much!!!"
Ralph, United States, 13th February

"Thank you very much, this information was very helpful. Best Regards."
Kayode, NY, 23rd November

"Thanks a lot for the info, its is very helpful. I'm looking forward to getting started."
Bronson, United States, 21st November

"Thank You SOOOOO Much!"
Aj, AZ, 25th October

"The information you have provided me is very useful, I will read the document carefully then get back to you for more advice, I truly appreciate the good work you have done, thank you so much."
Jacob, US, 22nd October

"Thanks allot. I must confess that i found the information very useful. "
Kadinal, Nigeria, 18th August

"OK, thanks you, got it! Looked through, looks grate! Lots of instructions what to do. Thank you!"
Alexander, Canada, 5th August

"Thank you for the information that you sent i found it very educational."
Everette, Mandeville,LA, 31st July

"I really appreciate you for the pointers! I hope it meets your satisfactions and future employment. Thanks again and God Bless"
Derrick, Houston, TX, 28th June

"Hello Carlie, I found your words of advice very helpful."
Shawn, Hudson, USA, 25th June

"Thank you, very hepful"
Shawn, Hudson, 22nd June

"thanks so much for the imformation"
Andres, USA, 22nd June

"Thank you for the information you sent me it was very helpful. I have composed a resume and I would appreciate it if you could look it over for me tell me what you think."
Jake, Sublimity, USA, 22nd June

"It seems to me that there is not one thing you dont know about on the oil industry. This gives me confidence in you... thank you so much for your time look foward to a response."
Mitchel, United States, 16th June

"Thank you for the information"
Robin, Charlotte, NC, 14th June

"Thanks again for everything"
Bruce, USA, 9th June

"I received the attachment and read through it...most of the information did help me make a decision in the field, I appreciate the work put into this packet..."
Trent, Laramie, USA, 20th May

"Hi thanks for contacting me back. I was able to figure it out and get the information. Thank you so much."
Austin, AZ , USA, 10th May

"I have read the information you provided and have found it bvery useful. Thank you very much. "
Jon, England, 26th January

"thank you guys for all the info you've sent, it looks great and I've spent quite some time reading through it all. "
Dino, Europe, 10th January

"Dear Team at Oil Rig Job, Thank you for your advice!"
Dezso, Serbia, 11th July

"Thanks! Great job!"
Harrison, Auckland, 21st March

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate [it].
Naveed - Calgary, Canada

Hello Heather, I' d like to thank for all the help you gave me.
Ted - Orlando, Florida, USA

Thank you for your advice, regarding suitable jobs for myself
Andrew - Surrey, UK

Hello, First of all, thank you for the very informative emails concerning jobs in the oil industry along with the list of companies and training institutions.
Wayne - Leighton Buzzard, UK

Many thanks for all the information you have sent. It has helped me greatly and I think now I have developed the line I need to take to enter the oil & gas industry.
Jon - Wheatley, UK

Good Day Vincent, Thanks for the information about working on off shore rigs.
Duane - Lusaka, Zambia

Dear team at Oil Rig Jobs, I have read over the PDF's you sent. This Is invaluable information.
Jeff - St Augustine, Florida, USA

Hi, I recieved my packet, and i appreciate your help.
Will - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Hope you are well, I found the information you sent very helpful..
Andrius - Killyleagh, UK

Thank you for all of the information
Grey - Magnolia, Arizona, USA

Many thanks for responding to my email. I have now received 4 emails for Stuart to do with Oil Rig jobs, so I assume everything is now working! Many thanks for your help
Marion - Bradford, England, UK

Well thank you very much for the response Kylie... I have got myself a full time position working in Greece where i will be starting on the Tuesday.
Jim - Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Thank you so much for your help... God bless.
Ayorinde - Regina, SK, Canada - 19 February 2009

Dear Team,
Thank you for your prompt follow-up, along with the advice you provided. This is very useful that it has increased my understanding...Once again, many thanks for all your help!!!
Andrew - St Albans, England, UK

Thanks very much for your email it will be very helpful and found it to be very interesting reading...Thank you very much for your assistance i am very grateful.
Liam - Ireland, UK

“Hi Barry
Thanks for the information that you sent to me. It has given me a good understanding”
Matthew - South Africa

Hi Barry,
Thank you for taking the time to send me the wealth of information in this email, it was very informative.
Dave - North Stonington, USA

Hi Barry
Thank you for the information. I found it very informative and helpful.
Bertus - South Africa

Hi Barry
Thank-you very much for the info I will read it carefully and let you know of my progress!
Brendon – Canada

Dear Barry many thanks for your help
Ros, Liverpool - United Kingdom

Mr Hughes, I recieved the information and it was very eye opening, Thank you very much. It has definitely given me a lot to think about. Thank you again for your time
Brian - California, USA

Hello Barry and thank you for the information! I found alot of useful info and practical advices. Thanks again
Andrey - Novorossiysk, Russia

Hi Barry, thank you for your recent information regarding offshore jobs.
Joseph - Virginia, USA

Hello Sir,
Good day , thank you very much now i finally i open the attachment and i'm very happy. i appreciate so much your good time to help me thank you very much ,GOD bless.
Reynaldo - Philippines

Hi Barry, thank you very much for this information. That was some very healthy reading and I learned alot.
Alexander - Sweden

Hi Barry
Thank you very much about the information I really appreciate it
Arnold - South Africa


Dear Barry, thanks for your information which you has sent me regarding the oil and gas field.I recieved your important information.
Abid - Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Hello Barry, thank you very much for the information. I will work through it and sent my application to the respective companies.
Have a wonderful new year!!
Louis - South Africa

Thank you for your information, Mr.Hughes. I see there are huge useful informations in your mail
Young - Geoje, Korea

Dear Barry,
I just want to thank you for your professional guaranteed service.I thank you for the recent info received
Shannon - New Zealand


Hi Barry, I received the information you sent. They're very very useful indeed.
Angel - Manila, Philippines


Barry, Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate all the work you put into the listing that you sent me. Looks like I really should be able to find a job since there are soooo many choices. Thanks again!
Frank - Florence, Mississippi, USA


Hello Barry, first of all i would like to thank you for the time you've spent on this research for me. It's very interesting actually, very interesting. Once more I'd like to thank you Barry
Pascal - Betheniville, France


Thanks Barry, here I go for my turn at the oil fields, International Offshore here I come. Wish me luck!
Steve - Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Hallo Burry Hughes,Thank you very much for sending me all this required information... I have believed in you and your organisation through your integrity and trust. Once again thank you very much for your tiresome efforts.
Peter - Malawi, Central Africa


Dear Barry, Thanks for the prompt response (and on a weekend too). To be honest I was a little dubious about parting with the money for the information, but now realise that it would have taken me quite a while to find the leads you've provided.
Dave - Götegorg, Sweden

Barry, your companies service is very comprehensive and informative
Gavin - Queensland, Australia

DEAR SIR thank you for the many job leads you have sent me
Jeffrey - England, United Kingdom


“Barry, I think that I have just made a new Friend, Thank you for the information. it is hard to find people in this day and age that are willing to render help aid or assistance and I'm a stranger to you. Barry Once Again Thanks. If you ever need anything in this part of the world PLEASE don't hesitate to ask.”
Lawrence – Grand Prairie , Texas, USA


“HI Barry, thank you for all your help in regards to gaining offshore employment”
Chris – Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia

Hallo Barry, Thank you very much for all the information that you sent me its all ready
been helpful. Thank you very much for all the help
Donovan - London, United Kingdom


The information you have sent has an incredible amount of info. Well worth the money spent.
JP - South Africa


Dear Mr Hughes, Many thanks for all your assistance thus far, I do appreciate all your help
Wade - United Kingdom


Hello Barry, With thanks for your great effort in sending the compilation of information concerning jobs in the oil industry.
Felix - Cebu, Philippines


Hi Barry, Man I just thank you for your help and grateful with your services. I will surely recommend and pass on your contacts to a lot of my friends that would very much need your services
Gilbert - Johannesburg, South Africa


Thank you for sending me all of that information about the oil industry it was really helpful.
Preston - Greenville, USA


Thank you Mr Hughes for all the time you put in to this and the great information
Joe - Perth, Scotland


hi barry this is very helpful. thank you.
Mike - San Mateo, California, USA


To: Barry Hughes, I received the information you sent and it is much appreciated
Adam – Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


Thanks a lot for the info, very helpful.
Alexander – England, United Kingdom


Barry, Hello, and thanks, I got all the info and it is awesome and very helpful
Richard – Hawaii, USA


Mr. Hughes, thanks for the info, I know you sent this a while ago. I have found it quite informative, it has given me a lot of info I could not come accross without your services.
Chris - Warminster, Pensylvannia, USA


Mr. Hughes, Thank you for the wealth information you sent me! Thanks you so much, and I plan to keep in contact with you
Chris Price - Phoenix, Arizona. USA


Ken - McComb, Missouri, USA


Thank you for all the information it was really a big help.
Frank - South Africa


Hello Barry - I received the information you sent and I'm excited about entering a new phase in my life doing a good job on what I'm sure I'll enjoy... Thank you so much.
Dale - Gadsden, Alabama, USA


Case study

Adrian came to us in June 2009 looking for a new career in the oil and gas industry, he had some experience offshore but was really green to a lot of the going ons within the industry, while swapping a few emails and phonecalls Adrian came across a position within a similar industry that suited excactly what he was after in an employer, so with the rescources and assistance that we had provided for him he was able to make himself stand out of the crowd and attain this very highly contested position.

Adrian says:

I am writing to thank you for the very in depth information package that you compiled on my behalf. It was extremely useful, and far above expectation.

I have not re-entered the oil industry as such, however I have used my training and experience, and gained a position as a marine engineer at {company name}. Had I not had your information with regards to desired training, experience, and favorable interview skills/requirements, I most likely would not have been chosen for the position.

I was accepted into university to study Mechanical Engineering, however I find myself much more useful back out in the real world. You have certainly opened my eyes to the many opportunities that exist with my current skill set, and I have found that I will have a considerably more diverse and interesting career using my current skill set to its full potential.

I thank you once again, and hope many more of your clients draw the same benefits as I have.

Yours sincerely, Adrian"


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