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Training for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs When considering working aboard an oil rig, it is ideal to consider training for a Basic Offshore Survival & Firefighting certificate. This course may take one and a half days and can be quite physically demanding and challenging.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate that is valid for 4 years and will give you a step up over others who are applying for a job on an oil rig and who do not have this certificate. The course will train you for the use of lifejackets, rope climbing skills, swimming techniques, safety in the water, jumping from heights and other useful skills that would be required when working aboard an offshore oil rig. Standing by each training session are qualified scuba divers to assist if they are to be required. Further training can consist of helicopter escape rescues and underwater rescues.

Also available are other courses to train you in skills that can be helpful for working or obtaining a job on an oil rig. They include firefighting, drilling, lifting, handling materials and other specific training courses.

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